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Russia and Eurasia

Read the stories of our alumni specialized in Russia and Eurasia here.

Elizaveta MoshesElizaveta Moshes

Alumni dreams #69

After Elizaveta Moshes graduated with honors, she decided to stay for a Masters in Russian and Eurasian Studies at Leiden University, where she is also a student assistant to the Teaching Committee.

She was really interested in her BA area Russia and Eurasia, so continuing into this direction was a logical choice. Elizaveta was also able to use this background to land an internship as a research assistant into the Russian market for the Dutch Flower Group (wow)! 

She says the PRINS course was helpful here. During her BA she went on exchange in Germany and took extra courses in the field of media studies, which is very beneficial for her current thesis research on the role of social media in the domestic Russian discourse during the Crimea referendum.

Congratulations Elizaveta!

Carys Elinor Dunn

Alumni dreams #96

Carys Elinor Dunn was accepted to the College of Europe for a Master in European Interdisciplinary Studies with a European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) scholarship!

She lives on the Warsaw campus in a nature reserve park with the royal Natolin palace at its centre. All 120 students live, eat, study and travel together.

The ENP is an EU policy of the Eastern Partnership (former Soviet sphere) and the Mediterranean Partnership (MENA region), so her academic profile from Leiden University was an asset. As ENP has common values as its core, her PRINS project for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on shared values was also helpful.

As a member of the Security and Defence Committee of the college, Carys attended the Warsaw Security Forum, meeting heads of state, ministers and NATO generals. She became passionate about European defence and is writing her thesis on the EU's CSDP rule of law (EUPOL COPPS) mission in the West Bank.

Here is Carys enjoying her (international) life!

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