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Latin America

Read the stories of our alumni specialized in Latin America here.

Ashley Richard Longman

Alumni dreams #2

After doing a MSc in International Public Management, Ashley Richard Longman has been a tutor at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Erasmus University.

He teaches theoretical courses that extend knowledge acquired during the BA as well as new themes such as Globalization, International Migration, Global and European Governance and Welfare & Distribution. He was voted tutor of the year! Well done!

Pim Teeuwisse

Alumni dreams #9

After the BA and BASIS The Hague Committee membership, Pim Teeuwisse did a traineeship Corporate Finance. He became a certified Compliance Officer and was promoted to Associate/Business Analyst.

His work includes financial and business analysis, compliance and translating customer needs in business strategy and processes. He is also doing an MSc/MBA in Management Studies.

His International Studies background combined with the financial service industry provides him with just the right amount of excitement and challenge!

Alexandra Döring

Alumni dreams #41

After graduating, Alexandra Döring completed her Master’s Degree in Professional Public Decision Making at the University of Bremen. This comprises subjects such as public sector modernization and financial systems of the public sphere.

She also did two internships during her Master; at the State Development Corporation and the German General Consulate in Recife, Brazil.

Currently she is an intern in public sector technology consulting at PwC! The Internship offers her the opportunity to attend different projects for the German ministries.

Mario de la Hoz Schilling

Alumni dreams #53

After graduation like many, Mario de la Hoz Schilling did not know what exactly he wanted to do, so at first he found himself working and travelling in Australia for a year. 

This gave him time to think before entering a MSc degree in International Development and Management at Lund University in Sweden. He could not be happier about his choice! 

Mario specifically looked for a two-year Master's to do another internship after FAO, which he now does in Santiago de Chile at the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

The MSc includes field work which he tailored to interviewing Venezuelan immigrants in Chile. Now he is writing his thesis until May to officially graduate.

Very inspiring Mario!

Jana De Poorter

Alumni dreams #58

Three years after interning at the United World College of Costa Rica Jana De Poorter is back in Latin America collecting data for her thesis on global citizenship in Colombia.

After the BA she did a one year European Voluntary Service at a youth organization in Germany, fueling her passion for international youth work even more.

She even co-founded her own youth organization called Solidarity Action day Movement in Europe. After her Research Master in International Development Studies at UvA, her dream is to pass on everything learnt during her studies and voluntary work by pursuing a career in teaching!

Jana got the chance to tell her story during the European Youth Week!

Marliese Vollebregt

Alumni dreams #59

After graduation Marliese Vollebregt spent a year as a full-time board member of one the largest student associations in Leiden: SSR-Leiden. She worked closely with her board members, obtained experience and practical skills and as President was involved in external meetings. 

Marliese then started two master degrees: MA International Relations in Leiden and MSc Public Administration in The Hague. The programmes complemented each other well: overlap in topics, but with a different perspective. 

After 2,5 years at Leiden it was time to go abroad again. She started her internship at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Prague. At the end of January she will go back to the Netherlands to graduate.

Impressive Marliese!

Anja Maria Spöri

Alumni dreams #71

After graduating from the BA Anja Maria Spöri worked with Munich-based consulting company joyn-coop. As junior consultant, she was part of an external advisory team to the KfW Development Bank, consulting for the design of two new financial development programs, in the Kenian Technical and Vocational Education and Training sector and the Togolean health sector.

Anja then started to work with the German technical development cooperation GIZ in Frankfurt and later in Antananarivo / Madagascar! As part of the GIZ energy team, she supported the management of a rural electrification program and the promotion of renewable energy technology.

Anja is now following online management courses. She will return to Leiden soon, to continue with a Master in International Relations, specializing on Global Political Economy. 

Impressive! Welcome back soon Anja!

Thomas Fuhr

Alumni dreams #75

Thomas Fuhr went to work in Indonesia as a Junior Project manager at a Dutch start-up, working on various IT projects for the Indonesian and Dutch market (E-Commerce, Payment Facilitation, Event Ticketing).

Then he began working as a Bluebook trainee at the Directorate General of International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) at the European Commission in Brussels! Thomas was involved in managing the financial instruments used for countries outside of the EU.

Afterwards, he felt ready to pursue a two-year Master's Degree in International Development at Sciences Po Paris. There he did another traineeship, for 5 months at the European Investment Bank (EIB) in Luxembourg at the Operational Strategy and Business Development Division.

His internship during International Studies at KfW Development Bank in Brazil has been a valuable stepping stone for Thomas' personal and professional development.

Overall, he has been very happy with how his career worked out since graduation and could not have wished for any other way of spending the last 2.5 years. 

Wonderful work Thomas!

Sophia Cecile van den Hout

Alumni dreams #81

After graduation Sophia Cecile van den Hout started a volunteer job at the Foodbank in Leiden sorting/distributing food but also collaborating with the board to create an inventory system for supplies and giving an Excel 101 course.

Then Sophia started a pre-master in Philosophy but soon discovered it was not the right choice for her. Instead she began working as an assistant store manager at G-Star RAW

Fast forward to now, Sophia works at headquarters at the Corporate Responsibility department where she advises, creates and implements sustainable policy as a Junior Corporate Responsibility employee. It is her ambition to grow together with the company to a sustainable future.

Congratulations on finding your place Sophia!

Anouk de Rooij

Alumni dreams #130

Anouk de Rooij got into the Political Science: International Relations track Master at the University of Amsterdam, focusing on international criminal justice and the EU-US relationship. She did her thesis on the importance of immigration in the US elections in Washington and had interviews at universities and The Wall Street Journal.

Afterwards, she got a permanent contract as a business consultant for the government (at CGI on secondment)! Anouk now works for the Ministry of Security and Justice on a project reducing terrorism and serious crime. She also became mother of a boy and now has another one on the way.

Her knowledge on international politics and politics in general is still a good asset. In the BA she enjoyed all the different cultures and backgrounds. The scope of her current project is so big that she is communicating every day with colleagues from all over the world. This is where she says her bachelor and current work link most. 

Congratulations on all the progress Anouk! Enjoy (work) life!

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