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Read the stories of our alumni specialized in Europe here.

Ricardo Pereira Teixeira

Alumni dreams #224

Ricardo became excited about the prospect of studying International Studies due to his interest in exploring the concept of human security and economic development. “I felt the BA program provided me with the tools necessary to understand cultural and human nuances and partake in policymaking discussions from a critical standpoint.”

During his time at the BA, Ricardo realized that a major global issue towards human security and economic development is the creation of strategies aligning with climate change mitigation and adaptation. Hence, during his second year of International Studies, Ricardo also followed a bachelor’s in Security Studies to gain a more complete and multidisciplinary approach to this issue. He was able to go on an exchange to the United States as part of the bachelor, and when he came back to the Netherlands for the last semester, he embarked on a six-month internship at the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. There he was able to learn more about different disciplinal approaches to climate change, as this problem, as complex as it is, is one that requires a complex solution as well.

Currently, Ricardo works in the Netherlands for the APG (Algemeen Pensioen Groep). “I am very happy with the job, as because of the International Studies program my Dutch is now well enough to support my work!” At APG Ricardo works with his team to change our current Dutch system of pension administration and investments and adapt it to the new pensions-law that was recently approved by the Dutch government. He finds it great to work at a company that has an active aim to mitigate climate change and that invests in sustainable projects and renewable energy.

Ricardo appreciated the diversity of the program and how both students and the faculty develop tight knit communities to work on globally oriented issues. “It really translates to a community that works with passion and solidarity, while also offering enough flexibility to mold one’s professional steps according to your passions.”

We are excited to see that you have found your passion Ricardo and wish you the best of luck on your future career endeavors!

Jacob Appelbaum

Alumni dreams #225

Jacob chose International Studies because he wanted a program which was internationally focused yet also had strong political and economic components in terms of the courses available. During his time at the BA, Jacob competed at the Harvard National Model United Nations (in Boston) with the Leiden Model United Nations Foundation (Leiden MUN) and won an award with his co-delegate for our performance at the conference. Thereafter, he became a Delegate Trainer and eventually the President of Leiden MUN. “These experiences allowed me to meet amazing people from numerous different study programs and improve my skills in public speaking, leadership, and diplomacy.”

After graduating, Jacob completed a Master’s degree at the University of Oxford in Global Governance and Diplomacy. He took courses on Global Trade and Finance and Global Environmental Governance. He wrote his thesis on the proposal for an EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism.

Currently, Jacob works as a consultant at BET, a firm specialized in (renewable) energy in the DACH region. He works in the Transactions and Industry team, where they conduct buy- and sell-side commercial and technical due diligence for M&A transactions pertaining to firms in district heating, onshore wind, solar, and biomass/biogas sectors, among others. “I really enjoy my work as I get to not only analyze the transactions from a financial perspective, but we conduct a lot of analyses on the regulatory environment and political developments both on the national and EU level.”

One thing Jacob wants to highlight is the importance of building relationships with professors and tutors. “There are a ton of incredibly talented people teaching in the International Studies program, and the more effort you put in inside the classroom, both in terms of your assignments and getting to know the professors and their expertise, the more you will get out of the program overall.”

Great to know that you are pursuing your passion Jacob, and we look forward to following your career journey further!

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