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Middle East

Read the stories of our alumni specialized in the Middle East here.

Alumni dreams #192

Arianna Canzi got interested in security, crime prevention, human trafficking and the world of intelligence due the minor Intelligence Studies and specialized in the MSc Crisis and Security Management. Her interest in EU politics, the refugee crisis, migration and security policy led to theses on EU approaches e.g. Integrated Border Management, Externalization, Human Security. In the most uncertain of times, she was lucky to be given an internship opportunity at Europol. While working from home especially at the start of an internship is not ideal, it is the best and safest way to protect against the virus. 

She always went for her passions in the BA. An experience as PRINS opens many doors as it counts as a true professional opportunity and it interests employers who always ask to know more of it. The pandemic is a tough moment for all, in particular for graduates and people seeking internships and work. So Arianna says: “Keep strong, continue to believe in yourselves. Keep applying to all opportunities you find and take extra courses to deepen your knowledge. If you believe in yourselves, you will surely find someone that will believe in you too.”

Alumni Dreams #204

After graduating from International Studies and completing a stimulating internship at Karama Europe, Carla moved to Israel to pursue a Master's degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Public Policy) at Tel Aviv University.

During her time there Carla took various fascinating courses relating to conflict, went on educational trips with classmates and obtained a mediation certificate recognized by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

She is now completing an internship with the Israel Public Policy Institute (IPPI), a think and do tank that fosters international dialogue to foster innovative solutions for the problems that we face in the 21st century.

Carla is also writing her dissertation on the effects of militarization on countries' response to conflict, utilizing Israel and Costa Rica as case studies.

Despite completing her Master's during a global pandemic, she has learned and directly experienced that it is still possible to obtain new opportunities and expand her network and that working remotely provides the possibility of working from anywhere in the world.

Inspiring Carla! Wish you fully enjoy your meaningful work in both academia and practice.

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