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Mapping your future

During the BA International Studies you prepare yourself for an (academic) career. Some students already have a very clear idea of their career path. To most students, however, this future picture is not so clear yet. Whatever it is that you are looking for, on this page we would like to give you a hand in mapping your future.

Within the curriculum

You have chosen for a broad study programme: the BA International Studies. This means your options after graduation are broad as well. At the same time, during your studies you can certainly give direction to your study career. The region you choose, the corresponding language, the thematic seminars you do and the way you use your elective credits in the third year are all choices which will have an impact on your future.

Since all the choices you make during your BA International Studies influence your (study) career path afterwards it is wise to think carefully about your study plan. If you could use some guidance in how to make decisions about this, then take a look at 'Study Career planning'. Use this webpage to make informed choices, but remember that your heart is an important source of information too!

Next to your studies

Of course, your study programme provides you with a good basis for your future career. At the same time, it is valuable for your development to undertake extra activities. You can start with that during your first year already. Check the Career Route Planner to explore what it is you can do within and next to your studies to prepare yourself.

After graduation

As an academic bachelor's programme, we are not preparing you for a specific profession, but we can give you an idea of the professions and master's programmes which our programme prepares you for. Click on one of the options below to get an idea of where our alumni end up, which career paths we have destilled from that and which master's programme you could pursue after graduating.

  1. Alumni dreams
  2. Career paths
  3. Master's programmes (Leiden University)
  4. Master's programmes (Universities worldwide)
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