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Latin America

Read the stories of our alumni specialised in the area of Latin America here.

Sallie van Stigt

Alumni dreams #193

After graduating Sallie van Stigt decided to take a gap year to find out where to next direct her curiosity. While the BA International Studies offered a variety of courses, already shaping her thought process and worldview, more time to specify her wide interests was very welcome.

During her BA she learnt a lot from studying abroad in Mexico and the PRINS course, where she joined a student-consultancy group for the Fair Wair Foundation researching global power structures. Sallie was also able to deepen her knowledge on multiple topics during the Honours Program ‘Expedition’.

To stay in the power structure sphere, she wrote her thesis on gender inequality and started an internship at a gender NGO. She now manages the social channels for another small media initiative called ‘Het Europese Huis’.

In the future she would like to contribute to a more just world, where distinct voices are equally heard and valued.

During these uncertain times
Sallie would like to encourage everyone to reach out when you need help, stay open-minded towards others and use your own brain. Let's hope for and work towards unity instead of polarization!


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