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Russia and Eurasia

Read the stories of our alumni specialized in Russia and Eurasia here.

Sebastiaan de Goeijen

Alumni dreams #7

Sebastiaan de Goeijen continued working at Apple as Specialist after the BA and being an active BASIS The Hague committee member.

He just completed an MA in International Relations, specializing in ‘global conflict’ with a thesis on Russian political influence in the Western Balkans. Having worked at Apple for over three years, he will start as a Team Leader at Netflix!

He is also one of five Board Members (Board Member External Communication) of the newly set-up BAIS Alumni Association!

Egbert van Gent

Alumni dreams #93

Egbert van Gent continued studying in an international environment through a joint masters program at the University of Glasgow and Charles University Prague in International Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies. He specialized in current issues with subjects as Cyber Security, Energy Security and Human Rights & Security.

After he became a student assistant at the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH Regensburg), University of Applied Sciences. Then Egbert was acccepted for an internship at the United Nations at the Office of Information and Communications Technology!  

He managed a global social media campaign for the Unite Ideas platform and worked on the start up of the United Nations Technology and Innovation Labs. Both UN Programs focused on utilising technology for global wellbeing and technological progress! 

Currently, he is aiming for new challenges where he can contribute, preferably in the security or policy sector. 

Good luck with the next stage of your ambitions Egbert!

Zsófia Miklós

Alumni dreams #182

During exchange and while leading a winning PRINS project for Shell on the Water-Food-Energy Nexus Zsófia Miklós realized she wanted to learn more about (strategically addressing) sustainability issues.

She did a MSc in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. In the 2nd year she returned to home town Budapest for an internship at the Business Council for Sustainable Development and traineeship at Dandelion Environmental Consulting and Services; learning a wide variety of technological solutions and strategies by Hungarian companies to tackle environmental and social impacts.

Zsófia got interested in sustainable urban planning and wrote a thesis on the governance of innovative building practices.

She moved to Ålesund, Norway for some fresh mountain air and in the past 1,5 years became fluent in Norwegian, did a project for Seastainable on marine plastic waste recycling, taught children and improved her alpine skiing and arctic surfing!

She is now looking for job opportunities in Norway to continue contributing this value.

Here she is, ready to start the next chapter of her journey! Go Zsófia!

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