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Latin America

Read the stories of our alumni specialized in Latin America here.

Philipp Orator

Alumni dreams #111

Philipp Orator did the BA while being an intern EY and Deloitte. He specialized in Latin America with thesis on labor reform, informality, social security distribution and labor market policies in Mexico. 

He is now working Korn Ferry as an Executive Recruiting Intern and the Assistant (temporarily) to a Senior Partner & Country Manager! Most of the work is project related, which entails recruiting mandates from clients for executive & C-level positions.

Philipp realized he wanted to do something in consulting/recruiting after his Human Capital Consulting internship at Deloitte. In the PRINS course he also chose to pitch his team's consultancy report to Damco. After his internship he is looking to start an MBA at IE in Madrid or at ESADE in Barcelona.

Enjoy exploring business and consultancy Philipp, it suits you!

Marte Luesink

Alumni dreams #127

After the BA, an area specialization of  Latin America, and completing a PRINS project with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marte Luesink applied to an internship at their Western Hemisphere Department. A seemless fit with her PRINS project on the reintegration of female ex-FARC soldiers in Colombia.

She supported Colombian policy officers, drafting dossiers like the visit of the Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marte also co-wrote answers to parliamentary questions and organized an event on the Colombian Peace Agreement attended by the Dutch Ambassador in Bogotá!

During this she focused on (inter)national policy, at her current internship for the NGO Mensen met een Missie she works with local policy. The NGO collaborates with local faith-based organizations in Latin America, Africa and South Asia. Marte is working on processing project information and reports but will also do research for the organization to further develop its expertise.

She is very happy for all the work experience and  different perspectives gained. 

Inspiring and impressive Marte! Enjoy all your contributions and pursuing your dreams!

Yohana Dumas Carvalho van der Velde

Alumni dreams #176

After graduation, Yohana Dumas Carvalho van der Velde decided to continue studying the Latin American region in depth. So she started the MA Latin American Studies at Leiden with disciplinary track Public Policies.

One of her main interests in Public Policy was to investigate gender violence (security) in Latin America which is considered one of the most violent regions for women. As a result, her MA thesis is on Domestic Violence and Feminicide in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo which is also her birthplace.

Yohana also made an effort to work for organizations focused on women’s issues worldwide. In summer she joined as volunteer at The Dutch Women’s Council in the Hague.

Main tasks are supporting the GDPR implementation and events such as Vrouwenpodium 2010-2020 and the jubilee '120 years of the Nederlandse Vrouwen Raad’. The events involved discussions on the consequences of the financial crisis, austerity plans and elections for the position of women and the topics such as work, care, income, development opportunities, sustainability combining work and private life.

Inspiring Yohana! Enjoy creating positive change. Here she is smiling at NVR’s anniversary conference Feminext!

Josephine Gercke

Alumni dreams #185

After graduating, Josephine Gercke got an internship at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH for the Global Programme Combating Illicit Financial Flows. Mostly due to her PRINS experience as group leader advising Transparency. She enjoyed learning the workings of international development cooperation.

Now she started a research internship at the Society of Threatened peoples in Göttingen, an NGO working on human rights abuses. Topics vary, she is now working on a report on endangered indigenous languages.

In the fall she aims to start her master in International Politics and International Law at the Christian Albrechts University of Kiel.

International Studies helped discover her interest and future area of work in international development cooperation and so the internships are helping to get more input on the working realities in this field.

Her Latin America specialization and the prevalence of large, marginalized indigenous populations in some countries as well as illicit financial flows shaped her path.

Onto more discoveries and contributions through work and studies Josephine! Here she is beaming at her graduation!

Siddharth Malhotra

Alumni dreams #197

After graduating, Siddharth Malhotra decided to join a security-based think tank in New Delhi. Having accumulated much diverse knowledge he wanted to utilize this in the Indian context. At the Center of Air Power studies he researched Indo-Russian relations and wrote several academic articles on political and economic issues in Latin America during that time, specifically Venezuela.

This led to a MA in International Relations, Global Political Economy and after he wanted to apply these transferable skills: Communication, Inter-Cultural understandings, solid knowledge of Global Affairs, in the corporate world.

The last year he has been working in Sales & Marketing, collaborating with Global Marketing agencies and being involved with e-learning. Covid-19 was a big upset initially, but he found himself to be productive working from home as well.

Siddharth embarks on a new adventure with Sensorfact, a tech company that helps industrialized companies lower their energy consumption, contributing to a much-needed sustainable future.

He invites peers to reach out for questions on how to deal with the pandemic, working from home or on building a sales/marketing career. Helpful Siddharth!

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