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North America

Read the stories of our alumni specialized in North America here.

Ksenia Kochetkova

Alumni dreams #19

Ksenia Kochetkova works for Kingsley Gate Partners, LLC as researcher in support of Partners and Managing Directors on complex, multi-jurisdictional senior level, executive search projects.

Industries of focus include Tech, Media & Telecom, Life Sciences and Industrial Technology, all in global settings.

She has been working there since her internship in Washington D.C. with recruiting firm ZRG Partners, LLC. Next year she aims for a master in Organizational Design.

She has set her sights on organizations!

Rosa Kotoaro

Alumni dreams #24

Rosa Kotoaro is doing an MSc at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in International Political Economy while interning at the UK Parliament!

Due to the BA she finds she can approach political economy from various angles including cultural and historical perspectives (more out-of-the box).

For a Labour Party Member, Rosa works on issues impacting the lives of millions of Britons. She is researching the socio-economic pros and cons of the 'Yorkshire devolution' for the 'One Yorkshire' deal.

She says: "It's so rewarding to put into practice skills and knowledge acquired in the BA in North America courses and her electives. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today!"

Ilse Groot

Alumni dreams #30

After her BA Ilse Groot did an internship at the Netherlands Embassy in Helsinki for 6 months. Work included organizing and contributing to a large Business Angels event and visit by the Minister of Infrastructure & Environment.

Not only has she learnt about the inner workings of diplomacy, she also developed skills like organizing and market research. Her supervisor was very impressed with her work (style).

Now Ilse is doing her MSc in International Public Management and Policy, where she is participating in the National Model United Nations in New York!

Lobke Timans

Alumni dreams #117

After BAIS plus the Humanities Lab honors track Lobke Timans applied for the Europaeum Program in European History and Civilization. A 1 year master’s accepting max. 10 students a year, a collaboration of Leiden UniversityUniversity of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne, and University of OxfordLobke almost finished the trimester in Paris and is looking forward to moving to Oxford. 

Her bachelor has taught her a lot about working with people from various cultural backgrounds. She led her team of 12 student consultants to victory in the PRINS course and her University of Florida exchange taught her about the challenges as well as opportunities of working in different environments. 

Lobke is thankful for everything she has learned during International Studies and is certain that it has provided her with a firm base for her further career. 

She hopes to graduate in the fall and is now applying for traineeships. She is looking forward to see what this new chapter of her life has in store for her.

Great things Lobke, with your sense of leadership! Here she is enjoying Sorbonne's courtyard.

Charon van der Ham

Alumni dreams #135

After her bachelor including student mentorship to first years and minor in Global Affairs, Charon van der Ham enrolled in the MSc Crisis and Security Management at the Leiden University - Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs.

During her master she primarily focused on international security and the governance of crisis. Her BA in International Studies deemed of good use, especially for the first subject.

Recently she started her internship at Crisisplan BV in Leiden. A consultancy firm that provides training and simulations to both public and private organisations on the subject of crisis management. Charon works on creating crisis scenarios for trainings that will be given to client firms and desk research to support various ongoing projects. 

She just succesfully defended her master thesis and looks forward to contributing her knowledge and skills to Crisisplan for the next months. 

Enjoy your achievements and taking on new challenges Charon! 

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