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Latin America

Read the stories of our alumni specialised in the area of Latin America here.

Nicky Siebelt
Here she is, delighted to have found her drive!

Alumni dreams #190

Nicky Siebelt chose Latin America for interest in conflict resolution and international politics and was the EU student ambassador.

She did extra law courses (international, internet, migration) and electives on human rights and migration flows. A thesis resulted on government corruption and the closing of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala. Besides the fun and interactive Spanish courses her favorite part of the BA was her group's PRINS project for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on visa policy. It piqued her interest in consultancy, how to research a topic to give practical advice She interned at the municipality of The Hague & The Hague Security Delta to research Dutch NGOs' cyber awareness and craft action plans to improve cybersecurity, leading to the MSc Crisis and Security Management. After, she seeks more experience as a cyber consultant or to work in crisis management.

The multidisciplinary approach and the student diversity are the best aspects of both studies, as there is always room for a "different" opinion and you are encouraged to think outside the box! Go Nicky!

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