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South Asia and Southeast Asia

Read the stories of our alumni specialized in South Asia and Southeast Asia here.

Sake Kruk

Alumni dreams #46

After graduating Sake Kruk started a MSc in International Development Studies at Wageningen University, where he specialized in the implications of global food production for sustainable development. 

He wrote a thesis about the difficulties smallholder (shrimp) farmers face in obtaining certification. Currently, Sake is an intern at Oxfam Novib, focusing on inclusive value chains for food, with the goal of ensuring that small-scale farmers in developing countries can generate a living income through sustainable production. 

Amongst others, he is involved in a project that will introduce blockchain technology to the organic rice value chain from Cambodia to enhance transparency and improve livelihoods of farmers!

Elinor Dixon

Alumni dreams #95

After graduating from her BA in International Studies Elinor Dixon returned to Melbourne, Australia and began working as an Intern in a strategic branding agency called Be Counsel.

Two years on, Elinor is one of four Client Counsel in the business and manages the accounts for several large organisations including a well known national not-for-profit and a global property developer!

Her deep understanding of human behavior instilled through the International Studies degree helps her to excel in various aspects of her work, including communications, event management, research and business strategy.

Elinor hopes to one day take her learnings from strategic branding to the not-for-profit sector.

Sounds like your ideal added value Elinor!

Tamara Reygers

Alumni dreams #148

After her BA, Tamara Reygers decided to dedicate her career to contribute to a more sustainable world. She worked at the Siemens Foundation in Munich, supporting schools in Latin America and Africa with educational material and teacher training. This was very fulfilling, as in the BA she studied the role of education in developing countries. 

Tamara then volunteered in Rio de Janeiro to help build small houses in slums, a gratifying and unique work experience within warm-hearted communities according to her. Now she is a Sustainability Officer & Impact Officer at Foryard - Software Innovation Lab focused on developing innovative software solutions for societal challenges. 

Her role is to ensure that the startup constantly scales social impact through concepts as Design Thinking and Design Sprints which take a human-centered approach. Tamara enjoys seeing an idea lead to an innovative solution that can change the lives of so many. 

With the array of emerging technologies she believes that there is a solution to every challenge if we just use our imagination. Applying Einstein's quote: "Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere!"

Inspiring Tamara! Her she is during a Business Fights Poverty event!

Nicolas Raffin

Alumni dreams #159

Nicolas Raffin graduated with a specialization in South and Southeast Asia with Hindi language and a specific focus on the European film industry. His long-lasting interest for film takes two forms: a passion for filmmaking, and a keen interest for the film industry and its place in our societies.

Shortly after graduating Nicolas moved to London to pursue a MA in Film Programming and Curation at UK’s National Film and Television School, where he primarily focused his attention on European cinema and film literacy and graduated this year.

Parallel to studies, he has been seeking experience in the film industry, leading him to work for various institutions and festivals across Europe. He got elected to serve as part the Youth Advisory Board of the Locarno Festival, a committee newly created to advise the festival on new strategies to attract younger audiences.

He is also working on two ambitious documentary projects, in Greenland and in India, which he aims to develop next to his new full-time position as the Film Programme Coordinator of the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London! 

Looking great Nicolas, way to script your life!

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