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Latin America

Read the stories of our alumni specialized in Latin America here.

Nicolás Vargas

Alumni dreams #234

Nicolás was very interested in studying the Latin American region, and was enthusiastic to find that International Studies offered that option without tying students to just one particular discipline. His BA thesis was a comparative study between public policy and implementation of intercultural bilingual education (EIB) in Perú and México. 

As Nicolás already spoke Spanish, he chose to focus on learning Portuguese as his regional language. After two years of learning the language during his study, he is now confident enough to use the language freely, and even has found that he could use it for the courses in his Master. 

Nicolás is currently pursuing a research master in Latin American Studies at Leiden University. He really enjoys doing his own research and learning about the very complex realities of the Latin American region. In addition, as all his courses are given in Spanish or Portuguese, for him it creates a unique sense of nearness and sensibility to the current topics and debates about the region. 

He has recently finished a four-month fieldwork trip to the Peruvian Andes to research post-conflict trauma and memory for his thesis. Nicolás would love to start a PhD later in his career, which makes this research master the perfect steppingstone to do just that. 

We love your commitment to pursuing your passions Nicolás, keep up the great work!

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