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South Asia and Southeast Asia

Read the stories of our alumni specialized in South Asia and Southeast Asia here.

Daan Meily

Alumni dreams #12

After graduation, Daan Meily spent a year to get as much work experience as possible to develop his professional skills.

After doing internships at a consultancy firm, a big corporate and surfcentre, he started his own company, One Day The Hague!

Since April he has been working on this tourism service with great support from the municipality of The Hague.

He is also studying the MSc Global Business & Sustainability at RSM Erasmus University to get a better understanding of the sustainability issues we are facing.

Pia Dannhauer

Alumni dreams #15

Pia Dannhauer graduated from the BA with a specialisation on South and Southeast Asia including an internship at Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Indonesia.

She then moved to Berlin to start her masters in International Relations. Pia worked first at the German Bundestag, and then started as a research assistant for the EU-sponsored Asia-Pacific Research and Advice Network.

Next she will intern at the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations in the department of political affairs!

Roshny Kohabir

Alumni dreams #126

Roshny Kohabir did not hesitate to start the MA Asian Studies with focus on History, Art and Culture. She wished to dive deeper into South Asia and found her true passion for Asian traditions and art!

She focused on a misunderstood tradition for her MA thesis, on the devadasis, why they are perceived as (temple)prostitutes. Roshny studied ancient Hindu literature for where the notion of the devadasi originated and viewed contemporary Bollywood movies for their perception.

As a freelance writer she also worked on tender applications, doing practical research, drafting, communicating on clients' needs, writing applications and presenting these professionally.

She says the BA formed the basis of her knowledge, a fresh view on the world and inter-cultural awareness. MAAS added in-depth knowledge and further developed skills, such as critical and analytical thinking, a creative mind-set, how to use a bird-eye view to connect many dots.

She is now looking for a job opportunity that connects her skills and passions for society, diversity, culture, education, and sustainability.

Go Roshny! On the picture she is in Leiden's 'sweat room' immortalizing her name after graduation.

Tessa Schiethart

Alumni dreams #201

Since graduation from the BA International Studies, Tessa Schiethart has continued studies with an MA in Culture, Organization and Management. The BA has laid the foundation to develop herself more in the field of cultural and diversity studies.

Tessa was able to explore her love for cultures and people management combined with subjects of global relevance. The BA has provided a broad but fundamental foundation that shapes the way she relates to other individuals with their unique background, especially through culture studies and orientalism.

After her studies, Tessa has come to the conclusion that her passion lies in coaching individuals, and the BA has brought the awareness and interest for topics of diversity, inclusion and stigmatization among individuals.

Through her own business and platform 
To Face The WorldTessa now combines all her knowledge and experience in inspiring, informing, activating, and helping others grow and to look at the world differently.

From her website: "I'm here to guide you in the process of creating a healthy relationship to your body and mind, researching how we together relate to ourselves and sharing that with the world."

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