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Honours College and Classes


Honours College is a multidisciplinary programme that is taught to small groups of undergraduates who are willing and able to achieve more. One of its focal points is teaching innovation. Innovative topics and working methods are thus an integral part of the Honours programmes and classes.

There are two Honours options for undergraduates. Many students choose to follow a faculty Honours track (30 EC) at their own or another faculty. They must follow at least one Honours Class (5 EC) in this track. These Bachelor Honours Classes are also available to students who do not wish to follow an Honours track.

Testing ground

The Honours Academy fosters innovation in its teaching and encourages lecturers to try out new modes of instruction. As the Bachelor Honours Classes and programmes are taught in small groups, this makes them an ideal testing ground that can share best practices with the rest of the University. Lecturers on Bachelor Honours Classes and programmes are therefore encouraged to collaborate with other faculty or inter-faculty teaching projects and with partners who are also working on teaching innovation.


The multidisciplinarity of the Honours College creates a learning environment in which students and lecturers from different disciplines can share their knowledge and broaden their horizons. Five of the seven faculty Honours tracks are therefore accessible to students from all disciplines.

The Bachelor Honours Classes also aim to be multidisciplinary. With lecturers from different disciplines working together on the classes and students from different faculties taking part, sharing knowledge is encouraged. Students and lecturers carry this knowledge with them to their regular classes.

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