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Honours College and Classes

Honours College

Students have various options in the Honours College. They can choose one of the seven faculty tracks, in which they can deepen or broaden their knowledge, or they can put together their own programme of study. Students who are enrolled in two bachelor’s programmes can opt for the Double Bachelor Plus honours programme.

Faculty tracks

The seven faculties of Leiden University all offer an Honours College track. Some students choose the track at their own faculty, but others find it interesting and inspiring to choose a track in a very different field. Four of the seven faculty honours tracks are accessible to all honours students, thus enabling them to deepen or broaden their knowledge. As classes are small, students have regular contact with the lecturers and other students, which makes the teaching very personal. There is also plenty of opportunity for knowledge exchange.

More information about the faculty tracks is available at the student website.

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Individual programmes

Honours College students can also put together their own individual programme, thus reflecting their own interests in a challenging programme. They draw up a study plan with the faculty coordinator, which must be approved by the Board of Examiners. The Board of Examiners approves study plans if they:

  • comprise at least 30 EC, 20 of which are for research activities or classes;
  • correspond with the Leiden vision of excellence and the profile of the excellent student;
  • include an interdisciplinary Bachelor Honours Class worth 5 EC.

Music Tracks

There are two distinct individual music tracks that students can choose from. Students that have achieved a high level of performance in playing an instrument or singing, can partake in Practicum MusicaeStudents that want to deepen their knowledge of music theory can choose the Honours College Music Track

More information about the individual tracks is available at the student website.

Double Bachelor Plus

The Honours College offers a separate programme for students who are enrolled in two different bachelor’s programmes: Double Bachelor Plus. If they want to follow this programme, they need to write a study plan. Their faculty honours coordinator can help them with this.

More information about the Double Bachelor Plus programme is available at the student website

Honours College certificate

To qualify for the Honours College certificate, students partaking in a faculty track or an individual programme must have completed their bachelor’s degree within three years and have an average mark of at least 7.0. On top of that, they must have completed an Honours College track of (at least) 30 EC within the same period. This is with the exception of Double Bachelor Plus students, that have to follow 5 EC of extra credits.

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