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Honours College and Classes

Bachelor Honours Classes

The Honours Academy provides 35 to 40 Bachelor Honours Classes each year. These are for small group and use innovative modes of instruction. As Honours Classes are open to students from all faculties, the students exchange knowledge and are challenged to leave the beaten track.

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Bachelor Honours Classes are advanced classes that focus on complex academic and societal topics. The aim is for an interdisciplinary approach, with guest lecturers from home and abroad often participating. In these small classes, students tackle innovative topics, such as virtual reality and mindfulness, and take on challenging practical assignments for the police, for instance.

Students from different degree programmes participate in the Bachelor Honours Classes. This teaches them to view topics from different perspectives and to work with people from other disciplines.

Open to all

Bachelor Honours Classes belong to the different Honours College tracks (30 EC programmes). However, students can also follow individual classes alongside their regular studies if they wish to follow a challenging extra class. The classes are thus available to students who do not have time to follow a complete Honours programme alongside their regular studies but who are seeking interdisciplinary personal teaching.

Alongside the Bachelor Honours Classes that are taught during the regular academic year, the Bachelor Honours Classes also offers various Summer Schools each year.

Selection and certificate

The Bachelor Honours Classes are very popular. To ensure the classes remain small, the lecturer(s) select students. Students write a letter of motivation when registering for an Honours Class. The lecturers can also look at the marks of students who are not following an Honours programme to see if they can cope with the extra workload.

Students who do not follow the Honours College but do complete an Honours Class receive an Honours Class certificate.

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