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GeoArch Leiden

Since decades geoarchaeology has been key for interpreting both landscape-wide and site-specific phenomena in archaeology. Also amongst the Leiden archaeological community, many people apply methods from this discipline in their research. Ranging from geophysics to micromorphology, there is both expertise as well as interest in geoarchaeology present at our faculty - an exciting opportunity for collaboration and discussion

GeoArch Leiden provides a platform for discussion and teaching of geoarchaeological research through monthly lunch meetings. Usually each 1st Monday of the month we have an event planned between 12 and 13.

Spring 2019 schedule

  • March 4: Micromorphology of Mycenaean Chamber Tombs
  • April 15: Visit soil and sediment analysis facilities in the Hague
  • May 6: Micromorphology for dummies
  • June 3: TBA


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