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Population Health Management (MSc)

About the programme

PHM offers you the tools to navigate through, and give direction to, the complex and changing health care landscape by using an interdisciplinary approach. Become the broker to improve health and societal outcomes for citizens and patients.

Programme overview

The two-year Master’s programme Population Health Management considers health care from an interdisciplinary population oriented point of view:

  • Data: medical data sources are growing and ways to analyse and interpret big data are improving. Populations and subpopulations are better identified based on a more holistic risk profile and interventions are targeted respectively. 
  • Governance: the current fragmented organisational infrastructure makes it hard to approach health care from multiple disciplines and work together to offer the best care possible. Consequences of alternative forms of governance between professionals and organisations are studied. 
  • Behaviour: even though diseases look similar in different  populations, behavior of people and providers is not alike, and thus the way people deal with their disease differs. Intervention strategies should adopt to these differences. 

Interested? Read more about the structure of our programme.

Educational methods

We use a variety of educational methods, such as:

  • Online lectures
  • Blended learning
  • Working groups
  • Self study
  • Peer reviewed assignments
  • Intensive on campus group week
  • Guest lectures

The first year of the programme consists of 10 courses of 4 weeks each. The first two weeks of each course consist of independent, online education (supported by optional work groups). The third week is an intensive, fulltime on-campus week to expand your skills through groupwork. The four-week period is concluded with the individual reflection and test week. To make the important and interesting connection to the working field, you will execute two project cases parallel to the ten courses.

In the second year, more specialized education is offered in four topics: epidemiology, data science, governance and behaviour. This year is split up into an individualized semester and a research project semester. We encourage you to follow (part of) your second year abroad

Student Support Services

All of our teaching staff is involved in your professional development. Especially your tutor encourages you during individual and group sessions to reflect on issues which are important for your professional development towards a PHM expert. If you have other study-related issues which need special attention, our study advisor (studyadvisorphm@lumc.nl) can be consulted for everything related to your studies, such as study progress, study delays, personal circumstances, study-related choices, professional prospects and additional challenges.

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