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Population Health Management (MSc)

Career prospects

As an academic strategic partner of PHM, you have the skills to look and act across domains and integrally solve complex healthcare issues. This is requested in a wide range of healthcare organizations and businesses and in government.

The programme is competence-oriented; PHM expertise lies at the core of the competences:

PHM expertise
Reason from the need and necessity of health challenges in the population, thinking and acting in a holistic, innovative, sustainable, transformative and proactive way and being able to communicate about complex health care issues with various professionals involved.

Academic skills
Execute and combine different scientific methodologies (mixed methods) in a responsible way in order to innovate the medical professional field.  

Data-driven thinking and acting
Gather, integrate, edit, interpret and report qualitative as well as quantitative data from the medical and social domain relevant for the various stakeholders.

Eclectic thinking and acting
Approach and analyse health care issues from different perspectives, as well as argue and select the best solutions.

Deliberative governance thinking and acting
Weigh pros and cons on different organisational levels in order to support an effective decision making structure.

Transformative skills
Being able to think and act proactively from a technological, societal and medical perspective in an ever-changing, complex professional and organisational context.

Skills after graduation

After your graduation, you will have the opportunity to work in many organisations in strategic staff positions or as a data scientist (depending on your specialization), in health and social care organisations and insurers, policy organisations at international, national and local level and suppliers in health care to researchers in academic institutes. You will be the broker between various perspectives with a clear vision on future sustainable health care.

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