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Linguistics (research) (MA)

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Prof.dr. F.K. Ameka

Felix Ameka is Professor by Special Appointment and Senior University Lecturer at the Centre for Linguistics. His primary research interests are the quest for the meaning of linguistic signs and exploring their use in social interaction. View his full profile here.

Prof.dr. M.A.F. Klamer

Marian Klamer is Director PhD programs and Professor of Austonesian and Papuan Linguistics. She works on the description and comparison of small, under-described Austronesian and Papuan languages in Indonesia and is interested in the history and culture of the populations who speak the languages. View her full profile here.

Prof.dr. G.J. Rutten

Gijsbert Rutten is Professor by special appointment of Historical Sociolinguistics of Dutch at the Centre for Linguistics (Stichting Merweborgh). His fields of interest are history of Dutch, historical linguistics and language variation and change. View his full profile here.

Prof.dr. M. Terkourafi

Marina Terkourafi is professor Sociolinguistics at the Leiden University Center for Linguistics. Her expertise is in pragmatics and sociolinguistics, with an emphasis on issues of pragmatic variation and experimental pragmatics. View her full profile here.

Dr. G.J. van der Wal

Jenneke van der Wal is Associate professor at the Centre for Linguistics. She is interested in the interface between morphosyntax and pragmatics, and the crosslinguistic variation in this area. Her research focusses on information structure in the Bantu languages. View her full profile here.

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