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Advanced Master Law and Digital Technologies - Leiden University

Law and Digital Technologies (Advanced LL.M.)

Programme structure

We aim to engage your mind through our multidimensional approach to legal and regulatory theory.

Programme outline

This programme will teach you about a range of legal, regulatory and ethical issues with respect to digital technologies. More specifically, your coursework will help you develop a deeper understanding of:

  • internet governance
  • technology regulation
  • international media law
  • European telecommunications law

Your courses will also address the transnational sources of hard law, relevant case law and techno-law. Particular focus is given to the differences in addressing novel legal questions that arise from technological developments.  


In this programme, you will take the following courses:

  • Regulating Digital Technologies
  • Internet Governance
  • Fundamental Rights & Digital Technologies
  • Internet Privacy and EU Data Protection
  • Cybercrime and Cybersecurity
  • Electronic Communications Law
  • Digital Child Rights
  • Ethics & Digital Technologies
  • Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Environment
  • Digital Government
  • Thesis Law and Digital Technologies

As part of the cybercrime and cybersecurity course, you will take part in an experiment with relevant cybercrimes, such as hacking and social engineering, in a controlled environment. You will conclude the programme by writing a thesis.

For detailed information on the courses and curricula, see the e-Prospectus . Please note that this guide applies to the current academic year, which means that the curriculum for next year may differ slightly.

Law and Digital Technologies Clinic

The Law and Digital Technologies Clinic is part of a concerted effort to develop strategic partnerships with industry and is an important part of the student experience. As law can often be abstract, practical insights into its application brings benefits to not only students, but employers as well. The advanced master’s programme in Law and Digital Technologies developed work experience with Privacy Company in Den Haag to provide students an opportunity to apply Europe’s Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) outside of the classroom. The clinic takes place during the summer months and is open to a selected group of Law and Digital Technologies students who have successfully applied.

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