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International Children’s Rights (Advanced LL.M.)


An important component of this master consists of extracurricular activities.

Master Honours Education

Are you a curious and motivated master’s student? The Honours Academy of Leiden University offers various kinds of extracurricular education, ranging from long-running programmes to short-term courses. 

Leiden Leadership Programme

Are you interested in a leadership challenge? Join the Leiden Leadership Programme (LLP). This one-year programme will equip you with the leadership knowledge, insights and skills you need to increase your societal impact. You further your personal development through trainings, seminars and a practical assignment within an organisation, in which you learn to cooperate intensively with other professionals. With the LLP, you earn 15 EC in addition to your regular master's degree.

Master Honours Classes & Challenges

Would you like to further develop your academic skills and societal awareness? Join one of our Master Honours Classes & Challenges. In a small-scale, interdisciplinary course, you will tackle a complex issue for society or for a specific partner organisation. You will learn about the latest scientific insights concerning the topic and cooperate in a practical setting, together with students from many different backgrounds. There are Master Honours Classes on offer for 5 or 10 EC. 

Leiden Leadership Programme

Do you like a personal challenge in leadership? Then join the Leiden Leadership Programme. The Leiden Leadership Programme (LLP) is a one-year honours programme for master’s students. During the LLP, master’s students from a wide range of studies partake in lectures and trainings. You apply the acquired knowledge and skills in a practical assignment for a company or an organisation. Through this, you learn to make an impact within a relevant social theme.
Read more about Leiden Leadership Programme

During this programme, you will have the opportunity to participate in a number of extracurricular activities, which will be largely financed by the Master’s Programme, that will enhance your studies, such as:

  • Study trip to Geneva - The programme offers the opportunity for a class study trip to Geneva to attend a session of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child and to meet with other international organisations operating in the international arena on issues relating to children’s rights. It is a unique opportunity for students to witness first-hand the interactions between States’ representatives and the Committee on the Rights of the Child on the implementation, successes and challenges in making children’s rights a reality in practice.
  • Monthly Meetings - The programme also establishes a “Monthly Meeting” tradition: an extra-curricular forum to address topical issues impacting the lives of children in an interactive atmosphere and with experts who are familiar with the realities “on the ground”. Students are encouraged to have an active role in the Monthly Meeting’s planning and topic selection.
  • Class field trips - Many of the programme’s courses include class field trips to international, regional and national organisations and bodies, based in the Netherlands. Such trips include, meetings at the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH), UNICEF The Netherlands, and many more. The programme also aims to introduce students to the realities on the ground, and has organized class excursions to relevant insitutions for children (for example, specialized police units, institution for juvenile delinquents, etc.).

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