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International Children’s Rights (Advanced LL.M.)

About the programme

During this programme, you will develop an understanding of the legal processes for making children’s rights a reality across the globe.

Madalina Barbura


Madalina Barbura

‘’The program offered me the opportunity to learn about the things I care about and use my legal studies the way I always dreamed of. It is definitely a platform that allows the student to explore both the academic and the work environment in a way that brings him/her the needed knowledge and experience in the field of children’s rights. The intense study schedule and the amount of writings I had to deliver completely changed my legal writing and legal research abilities. Having well-prepared professors, I could easily catch their advice and try to put that into practice.’’

Chiaki Takenouchi


Chiaki Takenouchi

‘’The variety of courses allows students to gain expert knowledge on various children's rights legal issues. The programme prepares students to critically reflect on the interplay (and conflicts) between international, regional and domestic laws, to be aware of current affairs and debates within the academia and in practice, and to draft legal documents and policy recommendations."

"The guest lectures, workshops, visits to relevant organisations, as well as the trip to Geneva further allows us to bridge the gap between what we learn in classrooms and what is going on in practice. The study year was, with no doubt, one of the most intensive and challenging. It pushed me to go beyond my capacities and borders, and it was certainly a milestone in my career path.’’

Programme overview

International children’s rights is a unique and complex area of law that impacts the position of children at both public and private spheres of life. Advanced Studies in International Children’s Rights is a small-scale, English-language programme that teaches you to look at children’s rights from a comparative perspective. You will take substantive courses on contemporary and global issues, and will write a research thesis on an area of children’s rights that interests to you.  

More information about the programme structure

Educational methods

The teaching takes place in small, seminar-style classes, which require your active participation. You will be taught by our academic staff, who are renowned international legal experts in the field of children’s rights. You will also have the opportunity to interact with guest lecturers, representatives from NGOs and international organisations, and prominent legal practitioners from organisations such as the Hague Conference on Private International Law and the International Labor Organization.

Student support services

The programme coordinator will be your first point of contact before, during and after the programme. The coordinator can help you with all kinds of practical questions related to your programme and can refer you to someone else if necessary. 

Partners of the Program

The Advanced Studies in International Children’s Rights program has a large professional network, and promotes cooperation and knowledge exchange with prominent international and regional organizations, including:

International Social Service

International Juvenile Justice Observatory

Child Rights Connect

Plan International United Nations Office in Geneva

UNICEF – The Netherlands

Defence for Children & ECPAT – The Netherlands