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International Children’s Rights (Advanced LL.M.)

Career prospects

When you graduate, you will have the skills and expertise for a career as a children’s rights specialist and to promote child-friendly policies, legal reform and advocacy on various issues that impact children worldwide.


This program aims to nurture a new generation of scholars and practitioners, and prepare its students to address the issues impacting the rights and interests of children across the globe.

Our graduates meet the requirements for a range of positions including:

  1. governmental and inter-governmental bodies and public administration (both national and international)
  2. national, regional and international (non-governmental) organisations dealing with children’s rights issue
  3. the judiciary
  4. national human rights institutions (e.g. ombudspersons)
  5. civil society organizations dealing with children’s rights issue
  6. monitoring and advisory national and international bodies or
  7. law firms or companies involved with children and/or family matters.

Children’s rights specialists

The Advanced Studies in International Children’s Rights program equips its graduates with the relevant skills and expertise to pursue a career as children’s rights specialists, and promote child-friendly policies, legal reform, advocacy and programs at the national, regional and international level. 
Graduates of the program are able to obtain work in various organizations dealing with children’s rights issues, such international and national monitoring and advisory bodies, national, regional and international organizations, governmental bodies, national human rights institutions, or civil society organizations. 
Substantively, the graduates will be prepared to work in various domains affecting children, including, but not limited to, child protection, education, health care for children, child labour, children in armed conflict, children living on the street, migrant children, or children in the justice system.

Human rights and development, with specialization in children

In a broader sense this programme complements careers in any human rights field, and suits those who, upon completion, would like to branch out to engage with other human rights concerns (such as gender equality, refugees and asylum seekers, domestic labour, or persons with disabilities). In addition, given the evident link between children’s rights and the (post 2015) world development agenda, this programme places graduates in an ideal position to work for development bodies and institutes.

Academic Research / PhD

The programme also fits newly graduated, talented students who wish to pursue advanced studies at a postgraduate level or engage in a PhD in the field of children’s rights.
Leiden Law School, and in particular the child law department, enjoys a strong international reputation for its academic research program and centers. Excellent graduates of the Advanced studies in International Children Rights are encouraged to apply for postdoctoral research positions, and contribute to the legal scholarship in the field of children’s rights.

Accommodations for working students

The programme is also offered part-time (two academic years), with daytime classes. and can accommodate working students who are already pursuing a career. For non-European students the part-time option is not possible because of visa requirements.

Career Orientation

Our teaching staff has an extensive international professional and academic network and can help you in your career orientation. In fact, many of the people you will engage with at Leiden Law School, be it professors, professionals or fellow students, will become valuable members of your own personal international network.
After graduation, non-European students have the opportunity to stay for an extra year while looking for work. They can apply for a residence permit the 
‘Orientation Year for Graduates Seeking Employment (Zoekjaar afgestudeerde)’ scheme.

Career guidance

Leiden Law School offers career activities to all its Advanced Studies students in the form of international CV writing workshops and seminars on establishing global careers. This is supported by the student career service of Leiden University, which offers a wide range of services including communication training, CV checks and workshops on job application techniques.

From one of our alumni

Please see alumna Juliette Duchesne's article on the Master of Laws" Advanced Studies in International Children's Rights (LL.M) programme, which was isssued in International Social Service (ISS), International Reference Center for the rights of Children deprived of their Family, Monthly Review, no 208 of January 2017

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