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Industrial Ecology (MSc)

Career prospects

With a joint-degree diploma in Industrial Ecology you are well prepared for broad array of career prospects in business, industry and government, as well as non-governmental organisations, universities and research institutes.

Acquired skills and competence

After graduating you are able to analyse sustainability challenges, create and initiate innovative technological solutions, and come up with tools and strategies for management and policy regarding these solutions. You will have learned to think in systems instead of individual products, processes thereby designing science based solutions for sustainability problems. You will be able to combine the analytical focus of a natural scientist with the problem-solving capacity of an engineer and reflective capacity of a social scientist.


Industrial Ecology graduates find employment opportunities throughout business, industry, and government, as well as in non-governmental organisations, universities and research institutes. They operate as mediators, system designers, innovators and scientific researchers. They are primarily engaged in activities designed to encourage people at all levels of society to consider adopting sustainable practices and to initiate change in existing patterns of production and consumption. Graduates of the programme typically secure suitable employment quickly after graduations.

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