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Industrial Ecology (MSc)

Programme structure

The courses of the first year are as follows:

First quarter:

  • Society’s Metabolism (5 EC)
  • Earth System Science and Analysis (5 EC)
  • Methods: Analysing Physical Processes (5 EC)

Second quarter:

  • System Design for Industrial Ecology (5 EC)
  • Transitions, Innovation and Governance (5 EC)
  • Methods: Analysing Social Processes (5 EC)

Third and fourth quarter:

  • Integrated Project: Industrial and Urban Systems (10 EC)
  • Specialization courses (20 EC)

The courses of the second year are as follows:

First and second quarter of second year:

  • Sustainability Challenge (10 EC)
  • Thesis Preparation Course (5 EC)
  • Specialisation courses (15 EC)

Third and fourth quarter of second year:

  • Thesis Research Project (30 EC)

Specialization courses
In total, you have 35 EC to specialise by taking electives. Of this 35 EC, at least 5 EC should be used by going more in-depth in one of the methods for analysing physical processes. You can choose between a course on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Material Flow Analysis (MFA) or Environmental Input-Output Analysis (EIOA). In addition, another 5 EC should be dedicated to one of the methods for analysing social processes. You can choose between methods such as Agent Based Modeling (ABM), Cost-benefit Analysis (CBA), Stakeholder analysis, etc.
The remaining EC can be used to following other specialization courses offered at TU Delft or Leiden University.

For an up-to-date course overview, please visit the Prospectus. 

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