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Chemistry (MSc)

Chemistry is the central science enabling a healthy future in a sustainable society. During this master's programme you will learn to take a fundamental approach in finding tailored solutions for complex societal problems in human health and environmental issues.

Yael Kerstholt

1st year student

Yael Kerstholt

I’m mainly interested in the biological side of Chemistry: the Chemistry of living systems. I couldn’t find that at many universities, which was one of the primary reasons Leiden appealed to me.

Another point is that the research groups here are working from a perspective of medical application. The research is about a disease or medicine which I like: the applicability of research is important to me. Furthermore, the programme is extremely flexible. The master Chemistry and LST are quite related, because they work together. This means that as a Chemistry student, one can choose courses from LST and the other way around. There are students who love organic Chemistry and they can focus on that part. For me, I’m more into Biology and I can focus on that.

What does this master’s programme entail?

The aim of this two-year programme is to train you as an independent scientist and to develop the necessary skills and proficiency to advance your career. The master’s programme in Chemistry offers you access to cutting edge research. The research is concentrated in two major research areas:

  • Chemical Biology: within this research area you will study fundamental biological and biomedical problems to understand physiological processes at the molecular level and to gather more knowledge on human health and illnesses.
  • Energy & Sustainability: within this research area you will focus on the development of new sources of sustainable energy and the use of storage of energy. For example you will be working on the development of a new generation of catalysts for the production of solar fuels.

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Discover why our students choose the Chemistry master's programme

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Why study Chemistry at Leiden University?

  • You can tailor your programme based on your ambitions and interests within the research areas Chemical Biology or Energy & Sustainability.
  • During your programme, you will be part of a multidisciplinary research team of internationally renowned researchers where you will conduct your Master research project.
  • You will receive personal guidance from a mentor of choice, who is a member of one of our international and young research groups.

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Chemistry: the right master’s programme for you?

The programme is open for students with an internationally recognized bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in chemistry.  Chemistry is the right master’s programme for you if you are interested in fundamental chemistry and applied research. You will be trained for a career in research within or outside academia. You can also choose a specialisation where you combine one year of Chemistry research with one year of training in business, communication or education.

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