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Biomedical Sciences (MSc)

About the programme

This two-year programme provides you with insights and hands-on training in biomedical sciences.

The Biomedical Sciences programme

For all students the master Biomedical Sciences consists of a common part (60 ec, usually in the first year) and a specialisation-specific part (60 ec in the second year). In the common part you will gain essential biomedical knowledge and skills via courses and a research internship. In your specialisation year you will either further explore research or gain knowledge and training in communication, management or education. By following courses and doing internships you will get a solid base for your future career. 

The common part of the programme for all students of the master Biomedical Sciences consists of:

The following educational methods are used in the master programme: 

  • Lectures
  • Workgroups
  • (Computer) practical sessions
  • Self-study exercises
  • Tutorials
  • Research internships
  • Independent writing
  • Presentations
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Live demonstrations

Depending on your choice of specialisation and electives other educational methods will be offered. Frontiers of Science courses are always taught to small groups of students.

Specialisations in Biomedical Sciences

The specialisation specific part will provide you with (more) insights in research, management, communication or education. You can decide on your specialisation during your first year, but you can even delay your choice to the beginning of the second year. The health specialisation is only for students that are also enrolled in the master programme of Medicine in Leiden. Read more about our specialisations:

Biomedical Sciences is taught in a personal environment.

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