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Culture and Politics (MA)

The specialisation Culture and Politics of the Master’s in International Relations at Leiden University encourages critical perspectives on complexities of culture as an inextricable part of global politics.

Why study Culture and Politics at Leiden University?

The specialisation in Culture and Politics focuses on the cultural dynamics of power, dominance, and resistance. You will study the relationship between political concepts and a large variety of cultural forms. The specialisation also examines the transnational production, distribution, and consumption of culture, problematising “national” cultural and “soft power” policies. You will study these concepts by drawing on methods from fields like linguistics, media and cultural studies. This special approach teaches you to analyse political phenomena in both conventional and unconventional ways.

The programme is unique in its embrace of a humanities-based approach to international relations.  Ideas in world politics are combined with historiographical, cultural, and area studies teaching and research. This approach demonstrates how humankind in all its variety makes sense of the world and how international relations shapes social conditions and systems of meaning across and within countries. This will help you become a well-rounded professional who is prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities in the field of international relations.

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Culture and Politics Event Series

Beyond the classroom, the Culture and Politics Event Series exposes students to further themes related to their specialisation as well as to possible future career opportunities for which their specialisation provides required knowledge and skills. The combination of academic rigor and exposure to dynamics of culture and politics at the practical level will position you for success in further studies or in the work world.

Master International Relations at Leiden University

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Heloísa Mundt

Graduated in 2022

Heloísa Mundt

"I decided to join Culture and Politics because it brings a unique perspective to the study of International Relations through innovative elements, such as emotions, art, and religion. It has provided me with a new, more sensitive view of how we politically experience the world in our daily lives. I particularly enjoyed the multicultural environment I found at Leiden University, as well as the fact that my peers came from various academic backgrounds. The programme has encouraged me to pursue a PhD so that I can dig deeper into the knowledge I have discovered."

What are your career prospects?

This Master's prepares you for a wide range of roles in almost every sector of the job market. Our graduates work at different types of organisations, such as research institutes, international organisations, government bodies, NGOs and academia. Jobs include policy advisor, consultant, communications manager and editor. 

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Is Culture and Politics the programme for you?

Are you interested in international relations? Do you want to know how culture not only influences world politics, but also how we politically perceive the world around us? Then the specialisation in Culture and Politics at Leiden University is the right Master's programme for you. Find out if you are eligible for this Master's programme by checking the admission requirements.

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Studying MA International Relations at Leiden University

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