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Vision on sustainability 2030

Leiden University is aware of its role in society and wants to create a green, healthy and inclusive campus and have a positive impact on the field of climate and circularity.

Our Sustainability Vision 2030 is the starting point for a new implementation programme with goals and activities for the period 2022-2026.

At the heart of our vision is that we work towards a sustainable work and study environment that inspires and mobilises people, both within and outside the University community, to realise a positive societal impact. To this end, we will develop our existing sustainability initiatives into an integrated approach that is visibly reflected in our teaching, research and organisation.

Sustainability in our teaching

In our teaching, we allow all students to become acquainted with sustainability themes and issues that tie in as much as possible with the content of their programme. They are trained to become academic professionals who possess the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to the transition to sustainability. Leiden University offers programmes and courses in which sustainability is a central theme, regardless of whether they focus on a specific discipline.

Sustainability in our research

Scientific research is one of the core tasks of Leiden University. Our mission is to use our research to gain more insight into global sustainability issues and to develop knowledge for correct and proportional solutions. We therefore contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

As sustainable development is multi- and interdisciplinary, we have to approach it from multiple disciplines. By bringing different disciplines together in coherent research programmes, we can encourage research that fits the multi- and interdisciplinary nature of sustainability. We increase the impact of Leiden University both locally and beyond by forging alliances with partners from society and by focusing on the practical application of knowledge about sustainability themes.

Sustainable campus

Leiden University is working towards a green, circular campus with a significant energy reduction by 2050 as its goal, as specified in the Roadmap Energy Transition. The roadmap describes the strategy and necessary measures to realise the ambition of Dutch universities to meet the Paris Agreements goals for 2030 and 2050. We aim to reduce our building-related CO2 emissions by 65% by 2030 (compared to 1990) and by 95% by 2050. We will continue to pursue sustainability by concentrating on sustainable purchasing, waste prevention and recycling, sustainable mobility, campus greening and increased biodiversity.

Awareness and involvement

Students and staff play a central role in making the University more sustainable. The success of the University’s sustainability efforts largely depends on the daily choices of all our campus users. It is crucial therefore that students and staff from Leiden University become more aware of sustainability and feel more involved. We want to achieve this by sharing our achievements, openly communicating about the responsibilities of the campus users and by involving our regional partners and suppliers in the transition.

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