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Leiden University is committed to reducing our water consumption.

We use water for many things: not only for drinking but also for lab research and flushing the toilet, for example. By looking critically at our water needs, we can limit the environmental impact of our water consumption. Water-saving toilets and taps are standard therefore and are being installed everywhere, especially in renovations and new builds. Lower water consumption means less wastewater and treatment, which in turn means a smaller carbon footprint.

Tap water stations

Together with Join the Pipe Foundation, the University has had more than 30 tap water stations installed in its buildings. Students, staff and visitors can fill their reusable water bottles here. This saves a lot of disposable water bottles and CO2 emissions related to the production and transport of bottled water. For the locations of the tap water stations on Leiden en The Hague campuses. Click on a location marker for more info.

  • Old Observatory
    Ground floor near lecture halls
  • Plexus Sudent Centre
    Ground floor: corner corridor/sitting area
  • Oude UB
    Ground floor: opposite the reception desk
  • Kamerlingh Onnes Building
    Ground floor: in front of the library entrance and near the coffee/sitting area of lecture halls B-wing
  • Universiteitsbibliotheek
    Atrium North: ground floor, first and second floor. Atrium South: first and second floor.
  • Pieter de la Courtgebouw
    Basement: near the stairwell on the Wassenaarseweg side. Ground floor: near the kitchen.
  • Sylvius
    Near lecture room 1.4.31 and near lecture room 1.5.31
  • Van Steenis
    Ground floor: near lecture halls. First floor: next to toilets.
  • University Sports Centre
    Ground floor: corridor H0.04, under stairs. First floor: fitness, next to entrance. Outside: next to bicycle storage.
  • Huygens
    Ground floor: near entrance
  • Gorlaeus Lecture Hall
    First floor: corridor 1.83 near restaurant
  • P.J. Veth
    First floor: next to the coffee machines
  • Gorlaeus Building
    Ground floor: courtyard
  • Snellius
    First floor: corridor 4.80
  • Schouwburgstraat
    Ground floor: seating area A0.05 next to pinpoint
  • Anna van Bueren
    Corridor to the right of the lifts (2nd/3rd floor)
  • Lipsius
    Ground floor: near reception and opposite the service desk.
  • Arsenal
    Ground floor: near workgroup rooms
  • Wijnhaven
    Second floor: next to catering, in front of ladies' room. Third floor: central hall next to vending machines.

What you can do

One easy way to save plastic is to bring a water bottle. Report leaking taps and toilets to the Servicedesk in that building to stop water from being wasted. If you think lab equipment is using too much water, let us know and we’ll install a water meter to see if this really is the case and if measures need to be taken.

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