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ELS lab meeting - Lunch & Learn by Jessie Pool

dinsdag 4 juni 2024
Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw (KOG)
Global Lounge

Our third lab meeting will be a Lunch & Learn! Lunch & Learns are informal, interactive sessions where we discuss an ELS-themed topic, while enjoying a healthy lunch. Join us for this informal session; everyone is welcome, no matter your level of expertise.

Exploring empirics as a legal scholar – challenges & best practices with Jessie Pool
Are you a legal scholar planning on or experienced in exploring empirics? Or are you an empirical scholar entering the legal field? The goal of this ELS lab meeting is to discuss the biggest challenges for legals scholars in empirics and vice versa. This session will be led by Jessie Pool, co-project leader of ELS lab@Leiden, who will also share her own experiences in this regard. The session is inspired by Jessie’s forum contribution for empirical-legal journal Recht der Werkelijkheid in which she addresses this topic together with Paulien de Winter. 

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