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ELS lab meeting - Lunch & Learn: “How to measure compliance with a norm?” with Gitta Veldt and Lisa Ansems

vrijdag 13 januari 2023
KOG only
The Global Lounge Area of the Juridisch Café (JuCa) KOG

Lunch & Learns are informal, interactive sessions where we discuss a statement relating to an ELS-themed topic while enjoying a healthy lunch. It is an opportunity to share your opinion and experiences with regard to doing empirical legal research and to learn from peers. Join us for this informal session; everyone is welcome to share their opinions, no matter your level of expertise.

This Lunch & Learn we will discuss the following statement: “How to measure compliance with a norm?”.

In order for norms to be effective, it is important that they are complied with by the entities (such as citizens and businesses) they target. In this Lunch & Learn, we will discuss how empirical legal scholars measure compliance and the challenges this may entail. Are you trying to assess whether a law has a positive effect on society? Then this Lunch & Learn is for you. Come with your research ideas and questions to discuss this informally, with the helpful guidance of Gitta Veldt and Lisa Ansems. All while enjoying a nice, healthy lunch.

For catering purposes, please let us know if you are coming by signing this form.* 

*It is not possible to attend the session online. We are looking forward to seeing you at the KOG!

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