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LCN2 Seminar september 2022

vrijdag 30 september 2022
Room 313

56th LCN2 seminar

Speaker:  Ieke de Vries (Faculty of Law, Leiden University) 

Title: Understanding the placement of illegitimately operating facilities through street network configurations

Abstract: Several recent studies have examined the relationship between the structure of street networks and the spatial distribution of crime. However, these studies have focused almost exclusively on property crimes. This study examines how street configurations are associated with the placement of crime-hosting venues through the case of illicit massage businesses (IMBs), which often host illegal activity alongside legitimate services. Using a small sample of IMBs in a U.S. city, analyses were performed at the street segment level, with network metrics reflecting various notions of centrality. Key findings suggest the need to distinguish between being centrally located or being located near central streets.

Afterwards there will be drinks in the Foobar.

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