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Cyclophellitol and its derivatives: synthesis and application as beta-glycosidase inhibitors

Promotores: Prof.dr. H.S. Overkleeft, Prof.dr. G.A. van der Marel

K.J. Li
11 december 2014
Thesis in Leiden Repository

Glycosidases are a large, evolutionary conserved enzyme family that catalyze the hydrolysis of glycosidic linkages of glycopolymers. These enzymes are involved in many (patho)physiological processes and they are applied in the glycopolymer assembly and biotechnological industry. The research described in this Thesis aims to develop inhibitors (mechanism-based and competitive) and activity-based probes for glycosidases using the naturally occurring molecule cyclophellitol as template. Different cyclophellitol derivatives have been synthesized and they could be used to study the role of glycosidases in different (patho)physiological and biotechnological processes.

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