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Latest hardware for computer research on medical imaging

The LIACS Media Lab has received a research grant from the worldwide leading graphics hardware company NVIDIA. The grant exists of newly developed hardware utilizing thousands of processors. LIACS researchers will use it to investigate deep learning in understanding imagery from sources such as MRI and X-ray.

Paradigms in deep learning for medical imaging

MRI image of a brain tumor

NVIDIA awarded the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) with this grant for research on ‘Computer Aided Medical Diagnosis Using Big Data’ and that is one of the topics in which the LIACS Media Lab stands out, breaking new ground in deep learning  algorithms.  This project will be done in strong cooperation with the various medical research departments at Leiden University.

Michael Lew, head of the Media Lab, is enthusiastic about the grant: “We will use it to find new deep learning paradigms for combining the multi-modal information from different imaging modalities like MRI and X-ray. This is an exciting time for computer vision and we expect to make strong contributions to computer aided medical diagnosis.”

Image classification at LIACS

The LIACS Media Lab does outstanding work in investigating deep learning in image classification. The system will learn to recognize the contents of an uploaded picture.  A live web demo shows the group’s current work in automatic machine learning. Upload an image yourself and find out.

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