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Christine Tremblay


C.M.G. Tremblay LLM
+31 71 527 5200

Werktitel proefschrift: 'The Femenist Trap: The Use of Gender Stereotyping in International Criminal Law. A discourse Analysis'. Participeert als duale promovendus in het programma van Leiden University Dual PhD Centre.

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International Criminal Law (hereafter ICL) has immensely developed since the 1990’s. For a long time, women were ‘invisible’ to ICL and sexual crimes were considered side effects of wars and were not prosecuted. Furthermore, women were absent of the structure of ICL. During its last twenty years of development, feminists and women groups have lobbied intensively (and successfully) to ensure that sexual violence would be prosecuted and procedures would be put in place to protect victims testifying about those crimes. They have also lobbied for more women to participate in the institutions of ICL. In my research, I intent to analyse, at a moment when we celebrate the gains for women within ICL, which kind of system has been created. For that purpose, I will engage in a discourse analysis from a gender perspective and analyse if gender stereotypes are present in the ICL system.

I obtained my law degree (BCL and LL.B diplomas) from McGill University in 1999. I am a member of the Quebec Bar. After working for one year at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, I completed my LL.M. (adv.) in Public International Law with a specialization in International Criminal Law at Leiden University (2001-2002). Since the foundation of the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies in 2003, I occupied the position of General Coordinator, managing and coordinating the activities and the finances of the Centre and coordinating the Marie Curie Project sponsored by the European Commission. I was also the Managing Editor of the Leiden Journal of International Law from 2008-2011. In August 2011, I started my PhD research.


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