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Debating Public Diplomacy: Now and Next out as Paperback in August 2019

In August 2019, Debating Public Diplomacy: Now and Next, edited by Jan Melissen and Jian Wang, is out as a paperback issue. There is a special discount available for a limited time only.

About the book

This book is a much-needed update on our understanding of public diplomacy. It intends to stimulate new thinking on what is one of the most remarkable recent developments in diplomatic practice that has challenged practitioners as much as scholars. Thought-leaders and up-and-coming authors in Debating Public Diplomacy agree that official efforts to create and maintain relationships with publics in other societies encounter unprecedented and often unexpected difficulties. Resurgent geo-strategic rivalry and technological change affecting state-society relations are among the factors complicating international relationships in a much more citizen-centric world.

This book discusses today’s most pressing public diplomacy challenges, including recent sharp power campaigns, the rise of populism, the politicization of diaspora relations, deep-rooted nation-state-based perspectives on culture, and public diplomacy’s contribution to counterterrorism. With influential academic voices exploring policy implications for tomorrow, this collection of essays is also forward-looking by examining unfolding trends in public diplomacy strategies and practices.


Practitioners, policymakers, think tanks, academics in a wide range of countries.


Jan Melissen is co-Editor-in-Chief of The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, a Senior Fellow at Leiden University’s Institute of Security and Global Affairs and at the Clingendael Institute, both in The Hague, and Professor of Diplomacy at the University of Antwerp. He is a non-resident Senior Fellow with the Center on Public Diplomacy, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and with the Charhar Institute in Beijing.

Jian Wang, Ph.D., University of Iowa, is Director of the Center on Public Diplomacy and an Associate Professor at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

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