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The Hague Diplomacy Podcast aims at bringing the themes of the journal's research off the page, and onto the discussion table. Each episode will feature a guest who will share their insights and personal experience within their practice of or research on diplomacy.

You can find an overview of all episodes below, or listen and subscribe to our (future) episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Soundcloud.


Episode 19: Rising Powers, Status, and Hypocrisy

Episode 18: Japan's Space Diplomacy

Episode 17: Space Diplomacy

Episode 16: Digital Diplomacy and the International Criminal Court

Episode 15: Humanitarian Border Diplomacy

Episode 14.5: Stirring the Cultural Pot (cont'd)

Episode 14: Stirring the Cultural Pot

Episode 13: How States Co-manage a Crisis

Episode 12: Culinary Diplomacy, Part II

Episode 11: Culinary Diplomacy, Part I

Episode 10: Jorg Kustermans on Diplomatic Gifts

Episode 9: Heidi Maurer and Sophie VĂ©riter on the Future of Diplomacy in Europe

Episode 8: Ye-Min Wu & Rebecca Webber Gaudiosi on Diplomacy and Multilateralism During & After COVID

Episode 7: Tristen Naylor on Diplomatic Summits and Meetings During (and after) COVID

Episode 6: Ambassador Ghanem (Yemen) on the Diversity of Diplomatic Representation

Episode 5: Stuart Murray on Sports Diplomacy

Episode 4: Pierre Bruno Ruffini on Science Diplomacy

Episode 3: Birgitta Niklasson on the Gendered Networking of Diplomats

Episode 2: Damien Arnaud on the Impact of Post-Truth on International Cooperation and Security

Episode 1: Christian Lequesne on the Contemporary Role of the MFA


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