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Podcast #9 | Heidi Maurer and Sophie Vériter on the Future of Diplomacy in Europe

The Hague Diplomacy Podcast aims at bringing the themes of the journal's research off the page, and onto the discussion table. Each episode will feature a guest who will share their insights and personal experience within their practice of or research on diplomacy. Available via SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

In our ninth episode, our host Sophie Vériter talks to Heidi Maurer to discuss their recent contributions to the “Diplomacy After COVID” Forum, which both focus on the European Union. Heidi and Sophie talk us through their papers’ relevance, key points, avenues for research, and takeaways for practitioners - highlighting both the challenges and opportunities that the COVID-19 pandemic has generated for the EU and its member states. They discuss how the virtual negotiations of the Council of the EU may bring about change and questions related to the role of physical presence in diplomacy, as well as the internal and external challenges that the EU faces in tackling COVID-19-related disinformation. Listen to hear our contributors’ reflections on the future of diplomacy in Europe.

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