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HJD Diplomacy Reading Lists

Since 2006, HJD has made an important contribution to shaping diplomatic studies as an international academic field. Our new HJD Diplomacy Reading List presents a diverse collection of analyses categorized into forty-five topics published in HJD over the years. We hope these lists prove a valuable resource for the academic, professional, research and student communities worldwide.

China's Diplomacy
City Diplomacy
Cold War
Consular Diplomacy / Duty of Care
Crisis Management / Crisis Diplomacy
Cultural Diplomacy
Digital Diplomacy
Diplomacy & Foreign Policy
Diplomacy & Negotiation
Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific
Diplomacy in the Intergovernmental Organizations
Diplomatic Actors (State, Non-state & Sub-state Actors)
Diplomatic Theory
Domestic Diplomacy
Economic, Corporate, Commercial & Trade Diplomacy
Environmental Diplomacy
Ethnic Diversity in Diplomacy
European Union Diplomacy
Fake News/Disinformation
Foreign Services / Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)
Gender in Diplomacy
Gift Giving in Diplomacy (see: Materiality of Diplomacy)
Health Diplomacy
History of Diplomacy
International Law
Materiality of Diplomacy (incl. Gift Giving in Diplomacy)
Networked Diplomacy
Nuclear Diplomacy
Parliamentary Diplomacy
Peace & Security
Planning & Innovation
Public Diplomacy (incl Soft Power and Sharp Power)
Religion & Diplomacy
Russian Post-Soviet Diplomacy
Science Diplomacy
Small States Diplomacy
Soft Power (see: Public Diplomacy)
Sports Diplomacy
TechPlomacy (see: Digital Diplomacy)
US Diplomacy
Water Diplomacy


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