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Podcast #4 | Pierre Bruno Ruffini on Science Diplomacy

The Hague Journal of Diplomacy is delighted to announce it will be starting its own podcast series! The series will be aimed at bringing the themes of the journal’s research off the page, and onto the discussion table. Each episode will feature a guest who will share their insights and personal experience within their practice of, or research on diplomacy.

For our fourth episode, Pierre-Bruno Ruffini discusses the field of science diplomacy through his perspective as a practitioner and leading academic in the field. He is also the guest editor of The Hague Journal of Diplomacy's upcoming online forum on science diplomacy.

This time, our host Ilen Madhavji, helps unpack this exciting new field of study and how it has been a cooperative diplomatic tool throughout history, even amongst inter-state tensions. As a mixture of the "scientific" and "diplomatic" mindset, science diplomacy requires a unique practical and academic approach. Also, the current COVID-19 pandemic is reflected on as an example of a global crisis that calls upon science diplomacy.

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