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Meet the Author | Video by Jennifer Cassidy on the Article "Public Diplomacy in the Digital Age"

In this video, Jennifer Cassidy discusses the article "Public Diplomacy in the Digital Age", authored by Corneliu Bjola, Jennifer Cassidy and Ilan Manor.

The article is part of the Special Issue Debating Public Diplomacy: Now and Next, which is available here. The authors also wrote a blog post on the article's topic.

"Public Diplomacy in the Digital Age" Article Discussion by Jennifer Cassidy

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As data fast become the ‘new oil’, the opportunities for public diplomacy to grow as a field of practice are real and game-changing. Drawing on social informatics research, this article seeks to advance our understanding of how digital technologies shape the context in which public diplomacy operates by reshaping the medium of public communication, blurring the boundary between foreign and domestic affairs and empowering new actors. Despite inevitable challenges, the future of public diplomacy in the digital age remains bright, as digital technologies create tremendous opportunities for public diplomacy to build stronger, more diverse and more enduring bridges between offline and online communities.

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