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Podcast #12 | Culinary Diplomacy, Part II

The Hague Diplomacy Podcast aims at bringing the themes of the journal's research off the page, and onto the discussion table. Each episode will feature a guest who will share their insights and personal experience within their practice of or research on diplomacy. Available via SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

In the second part of our mini series on Culinary Diplomacy, Ilen Madhavji dives further to explore how states have harnessed the soft power of cuisine to brand themselves globally and influence the masses. Particularly the cases of Peru and Thailand are proof that good food can boost a country's reputation and spread their culture with ease. Also, Gilles Bragard and Sam Chapple-Sokol return once more to highlight the bridge-building and peacemaking ability of culinary diplomacy in conflicts and at the local level.

After listening, if you're left with more questions than answers, or just want to say hello, please reach out to us at podcasthjd@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you!

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