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Now online: Special Issue on Non-Western Non-state Diplomacy

The new special issue on non-western non-state diplomacy, edited by Natalia Grincheva and Robert Kelley, is available online now and contains two Forum essays, four articles and two book reviews.

In the Forum section, Iver B. Neumann discusses combating euro-centrism in diplomatic studies and R.S. Zaharna reflects on Western assumptions in non-Western public diplomacies.

Natalia Grincheva looks at the role of museums in cultural diplomacy in her article on the State Hermitage Museum. Anna Popkova analyses the transnational movement Open Russia and explores the role of non-state actors in public diplomacy. In a case study of a Turkish diaspora organization, Nur Uysal analyses the complex role of diasporas in the public diplomacy equation. Li Li, Xuefei Chen and Elizabeth C. Hanson examine private think tanks as instruments of public diplomacy  in China.

In the book review section, Sabrina Hsu reviews E. Elena Songster's Panda Nation: The Construction and Conservation of China's Modern Icon (2018) and Ari Jerrems discusses The Diplomacy of Decolonisation: America, Britain and the United Nations during the Congo Crisis, 1960-1964 by Alanna O'Malley.

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