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Call for Papers | Space Diplomacy

For a new special issue of The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, we are inviting you to submit a proposal for a research article on space diplomacy (deadline: 24 July 2021).

A quantum leap is underway in outer space as a domain of human activity.  The global space economy has rapidly grown to almost US$400 billion in size, and will likely more than triple by 2040 (compared to 2017).  There are hundreds of actors involved, from space agencies to private companies to start-ups. These developments have involved intense transnational and international cooperation, both across public and private sectors.  It is now an ideal time to take stock of how these developments are impacting international relations, particularly in terms of the practice and impact of diplomacy.

The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, with guest editor Professor Mai’a K. Davis Cross, is inviting max. 300-word proposals for research articles to be published in a special issue on Space Diplomacy.

Space diplomacy is understood to be the formal and informal interactions, agreements, and deliberations that occur among actors involved in space, whether conducted by professional diplomats or non-state actors. Proposals may focus on any dimension of space exploration, but should also seek to understand the extent to which space diplomacy promotes peaceful interaction across borders versus conflict and nationalistic militarism.

In November 2021, a workshop will be held at Northeastern University in Boston (hotel and transportation covered).  Send proposals to m.cross@northeastern.edu by 24th July 2021.

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