Universiteit Leiden

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Diversity and inclusiveness

The university wants all talented individuals to feel at home with us.

Leiden University is one of the best universities in Europe. This strong position is largely made possible by a wide variety of driven and committed employees, people with very different backgrounds and qualities that inspire and motivate each other.

Science and education can really flourish in an environment where everyone can be themselves and where there is room for different perspectives that bring people together from different ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, health, religion, age and socio-economic background. This is why Leiden University is making every effort to ensure equal opportunities for everyone.

Diversity policy

Good intentions and promises alone are not enough. Leiden University's vision for diversity is therefore anchored in policy. All faculties actively and regularly monitor progress. As a result, our diversity policy is tangible throughout the university, with facilities ranging from dedicated prayer rooms to gender-neutral bathrooms.

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