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Tingjie Guo

Assistant Professor

Dr. T. Guo
+31 71 527 4501

Currently working at Leiden University, Dr. Tingjie Guo specializes in pharmacometrics research, focusing on bacteriophage and oncolytic virotherapy and central nervous system infections. Besides research, He coordinates the PKPD course and contributes to various courses in computational subjects for the Bio-pharmaceutical sciences bachelor's and master’s programs.

More information about Tingjie Guo

My academic journey began at Peking University, where I obtained my BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2014 and a MSc in Pharmacometrics in 2016. I then moved to Amsterdam to pursue my PhD at Amsterdam UMC (at the time VUmc). During this phase, I strengthened my expertise in pharmacometrics in the area of model-informed precision dosing and obtained substantial experience in developing clinical decision support systems. I played a central role in designing and realizing AutoKinetics, a software package for real-time dose advice. After completing my PhD in 2021, I continued my academic pursuit as an assistant professor at Leiden University.

My research focuses on using computational methods, especially pharmacometrics, to enhance our understanding of the interactions between therapeutic agents, pathogens, and biological systems. My goal is to translate theoretical and experimental findings into clinical implementations to ultimately benefit patient care. I am currently developing research in virotherapy and central nervous system (CNS) infections.

Virotherapy is a novel therapeutic approach that utilizes either natural or engineered viruses for therapeutic purposes. In this treatment, viruses that are highly specific to certain host cells are administered to patients and they can infect, replicate and eventually destroy the host cells. For instance, in the treatment of bacterial infections, bacteriophages target and eliminate bacterial pathogens, while in cancer therapy, oncolytic viruses aim to eradicate tumor cells. I aim to use sophisticated mathematical models to describe and predict the virus behavior based on experimental and/or clinical data so that we can manage virotherapy more effectively and formulate optimal treatment strategies.

CNS infections such as meningitis, encephalitis, and brain abscesses are severe clinical complications which can cause long-term neurological damage impairing cognitive and motor functions. Understanding and addressing CNS infections remain urgent. However, the presence of blood-brain-barrier (BBB) often hampers drug distribution into the brain, rendering many treatments ineffective. I aim to develop mechanistic models to reveal the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic behavior of drugs in their interactions with BBB to support treatment optimization and drug development for CNS infection.

Alongside my research activities, I am also actively engaged in education. I coordinate the PKPD course for the Bachelor's program in Biopharmaceutical Sciences and lecture on various topics within pharmacometric and computational subjects at different levels.


Assistant Professor

  • Science
  • Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research
  • LACDR/Pharmacology

Work address

Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Room number 02.09


  • Stichting ter Bevordering van Systeem Farmacologie Bestuurder
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