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Quantitative Pharmacology

The Quantitative Pharmacology group headed by Coen van Hasselt focusses on the application of state-of-the-art quantitative pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology modeling combined with translational experimental models to develop personalized treatment strategies for antibiotics and to combat antimicrobial resistance.

Our research is primarily focused to optimize treatment of bacterial infections using antibiotics, aiming to integrate optimal drug exposure in different patient populations, personalized  immune response biomarkers, and bacterial growth kill dynamics. Through this integration we believe antimicrobial dose regimens can be further optimized leading to optimal efficacy and minimal resistance development. To these aims, we apply a tight integration between computational modeling and experimental work.

In our group we have expertise in the areas of modeling in pharmacometrics & systems pharmacology, bioinformatics analysis of omics data, basic molecular biology approaches, and antibiotics PK/PD experiments.  We have a fully equipped experimental laboratory and a dedicated high performance computing cluster. All our work is done according to FAIR principles.

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