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Nanne Timmer

University Lecturer

Dr. N. Timmer
+31 71 527 2184

Nanne Timmer is a University Lecturer at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society.

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Fields of interest

Latin American literature in postmodern and postcolonial writing, interculturality, migrant literature, bilingualism, politics of (de)subjectification, bipolitics, gender studies, and new media and literature.



Nanne Timmer has been lecturer in Latin American Literature at Leiden University since 2003. She has also taught at Utrecht University, Antwerp University and at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Her dissertation Y los sueños, sueños son. Sujeto y Representación en tres novelas cubanas de los noventa (2004) treated contemporary Cuban literature within the context of Revolutionary Grand Narratives, postmodern writing, and the (un)making of identities. The crisis of representation and thinking on the subject from poststructuralist theories onwards has made her interested in issues such as the relationship between language and discourse, between art and politics, between the body and biopolitics. After her PhD she used this theoretical framework to delve more into contemporary fiction in dialogue with communitary fiction on the nation and the city as well as intercultural border-crossing narratives and poetics. The role of new media like blogging in the writing of the city is one of the topics she explored in Ciudad y escritura: imaginario de la ciudad latinoamericana a las puertas del siglo XXI (Leiden University Press: 2013).


Teaching activities

  • Letterkunde Spaans America V: Maskers en Identiteit in Latijns Amerikaanse Literatuur´ (BA3 Latin American Studies). (Hispanic American Literature; Writing of the Self)
  • Denkbeelden Latijns-Amerikaanse Literatuur: De Stad (BA3 Latin American Studies) (The City in Latin American Film and Writing)
  • Methods Latin American Cultural Analysis and Critical Readings (MA/RMA Latin American Studies)
  • Interculturality I (MA/RMA Literary Studies / Arts and Culture)
  • Thematic Course Cultural Analysis: The Body and Latin American Art and Writing (MA/RMA Latin American Studies)
  • Censorship and Arts (BA International Studies)
  • Culture: Latin America (BA International Studies)

In the past she has taught courses including Spanish writing and conversation, Latin American (post)colonial literature, The Image of the Other, Methods of Literary Research, parts of the course Experiences of the Metropolis: From Baudelaire to Benjamin, Contemporary Latin American Literature, The Latin American Short Story (Antwerp University), Introduction Latin American Literature (Utrecht University), and Politics of (de)subjectivation in Contemporary Cuban Literature (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina).


Curriculum vitae


  • PhD: Leiden University, June 22, 2004; Supervisor: L.Rodriguez. Title Dissertation: Y los sueños, sueños son. Sujeto y representación en tres novelas cubanas de los noventa.
  • "Doctoraalprogramme": Leiden University. Latin American Studies (1992-1997). (Literature and History). Title thesis: Identidad en juego: un análisis discursivo de la revista cubana Casa de las Américas del año 1992.

Extra periods (years/ semesters/ months) of training taken at: Universidad de Salamanca, Leuven University, Universidad de La Habana, Casa de las Américas.


Key publications

Timmer N. (2014), The Island and the Madhouse: Rethinking the Subject and the Archipelago in Recent Cuban LiteratureDiscourse : Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture 36(1): 54-70. 

Timmer N. (2015), Identidad sin rostro o rostro sin identidad en "Llamadas telefónicas", de Roberto Bolaño. In: Aguilar P., Basile T. (Eds.)  Bolaño en sus cuentos.. Leiden: Almenara. 91-101.

Timmer N. (Ed.) (2013), Ciudad y escritura: Imaginario de la ciudad latinoamericana a las puertas del siglo XXI. Leiden: Leiden University Press.

Timmer N. (2012), Lo neobarroco en el cambio de siglo; lecturas sarduyanas y la narrativa cubana contemporánea. In: Mateo del Pino A. (Ed.)  Ángeles Maraqueros. Trazos neobarrocos en las poéticas latinoamericanas. Buenos Aires: Katatay.

Timmer N. (2006), Dreams that Dreams Remain: Three Cuban Novels of the 90s. In: D'haen Th.L., Vermeulen P. (Eds.)  Cultural Identity and Postmodern Writing. Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi.

University Lecturer

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Latijns-Amerikaanse L&C

Work address

Reuvensplaats 3-4
2311 BE Leiden
Room number 1.06



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